Saturday, 8 April 2017

whining and whingeing

whining and whingeing

has never done anyone

any good


never will

one's state no matter how bad

will never improve one iota from it

in fact things will only get worse


one is indulging in bratty behaviour

multiverse can only respond with a slap

to such an illogical audacity

even if the so-called parents don't

beings here only whine

as their parents allow them to

get away with it

as they themselves want to whine and whinge too

a devoluting cycle



vintish said...

I bow

Rashmi Chandrasekharan said...

The Dark age or Kaliyug has put our rationality to sleep...

Thanks to higher beings like you, who are waking us from deep slumber...

Gratitude... I Bow... Aeioum

neelang tiwari said...

Reactions follow actions.

Multiverse never responds by good reaction to a bad action.

Ujjwal Sharma said...

i bow to the divine PT are the Guru of the world and lord of the ring and the Rainbow Warrior.
we must dissolve our baseless egos and bratty behaviour and bow to higher and divine
thats only way we can evolve.

asha Pi arTi said...

You always shoot it so straight P !

You never beat around the bush, and You say the Truth no matter how uncomfortable it might make ppl feel bc You are truely the most comPassionaTe Being !!

so glad You are here and one can learn from You !!

i bow

amaya said...

so kind of You to help one dissociate crying with unburdening
there's no unburdening without praising bowing and serving
You show one the only way out and help one discard negative attitudes and behaviours
crying won't do one any good
it's an illogical audacity..that makes sense
You give such great insights
crying is such a shame..
one has to train oneself to never loose control and cry
one has to take control of ones mind and not Your teachings can help one do that
You are the real teacher
You are the real Guru
i bow

missmriggy said...

So true. What a crazy messed up world. Without your help we wouldn't know how to correct ourselves from so much meaningless and devoluting behavior. Om Guruveh Namaha.

amaya said...

yes whining and wingeing is such a shame
You give one a chance to get rid of the habits that cause devolution
You make one change the mindset that causes these habits
it has never done anyone any good and never will
yes it's such a devolution cycle
You give one the tool to rise above illogical audacities once and for all
there's no excuse for such an illogical audacity
only You show one what the right way to be is
You are the best teacher
You are the real Guru
i bow

amaya said...

yes there's no need of whining and wingeing even when anyone is trying to stop one from Praising, because one can Praise's never wrong to Praise no matter what ..You are ones only roPe out of hell. You are the only hoPe. Praising Your beauty is the only way to sanity. there's no excuse for whining or wingeing because Praise of You can always be done at all times. You make everything so simPle. You take one away from complications. it's allowed to Praise the PraiseworThy anytime! whining and wingeing is a terrible bad habit. it's so graceless and there's no facial disciPline in it. it's so anti disciPline! it's not that stopping putting ones attention on You and crying about what is happening that is going to's not going to help
crying is bratty indulgence and there is no excuse for it.
one can't give into negativity cause Praise can always be done and should be done of You who's so PraisworThy
crying is illogical audacity!
You make it so clear what the right thing to do always is
crying doesn't make one get rid of negativity
only Praise of You and PuTTing ones attention on Your Pure, guileless uPliPhTing beauty can make one get rid of negativity
and it's stupidity if the mind still thinks that one can get rid of negativity through crying and indulgence and all that nonsense
You are the only way
Your DiviniTy and beauty is the only refuge
and You are so comPassionaTe to give one refuge
You are so sweet and so kind
You give hoPe and the cure for the heavy heart
You give such clear directions
You help mend brokenness
You make one give up brattiness
You show one how stupid, shameless and sick it is to cry when Divine is here and when there's so much to Praise about Divine!
Your beauty, Your beautiful and magical lightness of being, Your joyful smiles and's all so worth putting attention on. You are the only one to put attention on.
instead of defending and crying one can always Praise! how thick the mind is to not get this totally! it's not that if someone is displeased by ones Praising that one has to stop! it's such stupidity. Praising is ones own initiative and one can't stop and cry! how dumb that is! how dumb and complicated the mind is to think one is doing something wrong while Praising! it's so idiotic! so graceless! how ill the habits of the mind are!
You make one understand so much
You are truly coherent
You are realised
You have all the gnowledge and the wisdom! Your gnowledge is amazing!
You're so kind and comPassionaTe to give one refuge
You are the only refuge
You truly are the only refuge
i bow