Monday, 10 April 2017

learning attitude

there are 3 types of people

if one categorizes them on basis of

learning attitude


there are those

who can learn from seeing/observing



there are those who learn

only from their own


and than

there are those who

keep banging their head against the same wall

over and over again



vintish said...

I bow

neelang tiwari said...

One needs to be grounded to be in touch with reality.

anubhuti vyas said...

AEIOUM Guruji Everyone keeps banging their heads on walls who are not your disciples..Only those who have truly known you will learn with your blessings and be free from this hell.

asha Pi arTi said...

even Higher and Divine has learning attitude so it is completely shamefull and despicable of any beings here to not have one and keep doing the same nonsense over and over.

You are really so kind to address these things that are taken for granted !

so glad to learn about the importance of learning attitude, You are the most clarifying about this and give the best opportunities to apply it !!

i bow

Swati said...

I feel enlightened..I bow!

missmriggy said...

Your Teaching is always the best. It is PerfecT.

A Parekh said...

everything You publish is Divine intervention !!!! so wonderfull that one can learn from You ❤️ i bow

Gaurav Pathak said...

Yes you are True Avtar, ur effect is much more power ful den d effect f any planet Lord,
yes ur effect has more power in dis age den d blessing f devine Trinity.
I bow down, to you.

reshma nair said...

And again he speaks the truth! Aeioum Pt 🙏😊